Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Activites

Last weekend was the weekend to trim feet & deworm the sheep at Wild Rose Farm.  This time of year is when the parasite load seems to take hold & we don't want to lose any of the ewes or lambs.  This weekend, the humidity is down & the sheep are spread out a little grazing just before sunset.
Fawn In Pasture With Sheep
 As I walked back to check on the sheep, I spotted a fawn in the pasture with them.  The fawn was curious & stood frozen watching my approach.  I got pretty close before it panicked, took off all the way along the fenceline behind the sheep, ran up over the hill, and disappeared out of sight! 
This weekend we started the process of working on the barn.  The plan is to seal the wood with linseed oil & then paint the accent trim with white paint.  Here's the first coat of primer going on the trim.  The siding has already the clear seal, so it just has a slightly wet appearance.
Painting Barn Trim

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