Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hoopiefest Found!

Hoopiefest Has A Special Theme This Year!
It took an event like Hoopiefest to bring Wild Rose Farm back to the blogosphere!  We've been very busy & things are finally starting to settle down a little at work.  Enough so, that we made it to the Beaver Farmers' Market Saturday morning.  Strangely enough, a few days ago, the thought of "hey, isn't it about time for Hoopiefest?" came to mind.  As I was wandering around the market (see other blog here), one of the vendors mentioned being invited to Hoopiefest.  "WHAT?", I said! 
"Oh, some old neighbors of mine have a party the 3rd weekend in August each year ..... my sister usually goes, & this year I got invited .... I volunteered to bring the corn, but they already had it lined up."  "It's out in the middle of nowhere." 
I couldn't believe it!  I mentioned the saga of trying to track this down for 2 years, but no directions were forthcoming ......  hmmmmm.  So ..... I returned to where we've seen the sign before and was not disappointed. Again we turned down the back road.
One Lane Bridge On The Search For Hoopiefest
  We drove on along the road looking for any indication the Hoopiefest was near ........ up ahead were a bunch of balloons on either side of a hidden driveway.  But no, this wasn't Hoopiefest. :(
A Baby Shower!
Just when it seemed like we'd gone too far & had surely passed it up - here it was!  Looks like it really is an honest to goodness Hoopiefest!  The picture has been cropped to protect the innocent.
Now You've Made It To Hoopiefest! 

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