Saturday, November 12, 2011

Curiouser And Curiouser ...........

Pardon the glare, but this was the only angle we could get on the hesitant, but curious Wild Rose Farm Lisa coming in for a closer approach. In hindsight, maybe setting the camera to "Beach" would have toned this down ....  We're trying to spend some time just being in and around the paddock to get her used to us moving around with normal activities.  One thing we've learned .... notice the black feed bucket hanging in the barn on the right in the 2nd picture.  She keeps looking at the grain in the feeder, but will not put her head into the deep bucket to get the grain.  Obviously, she instinctively doesn't want her vision blocked.  We'll have to get a shallower hanging feeder for her.  
Lisa Starting To Drift Closer

Lisa Thinking Hard About A Few More Steps

That's It .... That's As Close As We Get!

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