Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Season Starts!

Ewes With Numbers - Now Where Is That Ram?
Breeding season started today at Wild Rose Farm .... our traditional Thanksgiving weekend festive event.  I wish!  There was nothing festive or fun about gathering up the ewes in the rain today.   We had a couple of ear tags to replace on the older ewes & we put the official permanent ear tags in the yearlings today.  Every ewe also gets her ear tag number sprayed on her hip.  It's much easier to read that big number from a distance.
Then the ram was penned up & we got his breeding/marking harness put on with the green crayon.  He's still afraid of people, so he tends to be behind the ewes.  We'll see if he figures out what his job is.  Only 1 picture today ..... too risky to try & get that perfect shot in between the rain drops!


portraitsofanimals said...

Rose Marie,

I met you two years ago at Sheep and Fiber in Waynesburg, and though I never made it back I've kept my contact information and checked in with what the people I met were doing.

I've enjoyed reading your blog! I'm going to e-mail you a longer message to the earthlink address I have from two years ago. Talk to you soon!


RMK said...

Hi Bernadette. I do remember you snapping all of those pictures @ the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Festival!