Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wood Piles

Unloading Cordwood
Clearing more ground for pastures yielded quite a bit of cordwood & rough cut lumber for siding.  The cordwood has been stored in the picnic shelter, the barn, & beneath a stand of pine trees under a tarp.  Now it's time to move it to house to be used.  Right now most of the wood is cherry & locust.  The cherry burns most of the time & the locust is used when we want to bank the fire.  We also had some nice cherry logs rough cut by a fellow with a portable band saw .... that wood is air drying with "sticks" between the boards to help keep them flat.  That's "sustainable" Wild Rose Farm.  The property had been timbered 10 years ago by the previous owner & now some of the trees are big enough for a limited timber harvest again.
Rough Cut Cherry

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