Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ewe Lambs For Sale!

Good Year Blimp Heading Home
Just before the pictues of the lambs were taken, something caught our eye yesterday. We just got a shot in just before the Good Year Blimp disappeared behind the trees. We see blimps around here occasionally since we are on the flight path to Pittsburgh ..... it must have been around for the Pitt football game yesterday.
Ewe Lambs with #802 Upper Right
We have 2 twin registered Rambouillet ewe lambs for sale now at Wild Rose Farm.  This spring, the majority of our Rambouillet lambs were ram lambs ...... that's just how it goes sometimes!
The lambs are separated from the older ewes now that it's breeding season & the ram is out. Their babysitter is our old ewe #802 ..... no breeding for her, plus our current Rambouillet ram is actually her last lamb.

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