Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Project

Wild Rose Farm - Llama Lisa & Ewes
The latest mini-project here at Wild Rose Farm has been making a zig-zag rail fence below the house next to the lower driveway.  The rails had been stacked up for 2 years (!) waiting for a suitable spot to be chosen.  They're freebies of a sort ..... the fence rails on the fence that Lisa & the sheep are behind are now pressure treated rails.  These were the original untreated rails and they were replaced because they weren't holding up as well as we needed them to be ..... we also added 2 strands of high tensile electric wire near the bottom of the fence to keep lambs in & dogs out.  So now we have a decorative fence under the spruce trees.  We still have to brace the rails, but the project turned out nicely.  We were flinging around the mulch this afternoon .... 2 more truckloads to go!
Wild Rose Farm Fall Ewes Looking Fluffy!
In the second picture, you can see one of the high tensile electric wires.  It saves us from having to put electric net along the rail fence when we're grazing this paddock. 
Lisa With The Ewes ....
 What a lovely warm day here today!  Temps in the 50's by afternoon.

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