Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ram In At Wild Rose Farm!

Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet Ram - Ewes #37 and #329
Yesterday was the big day at Wild Rose Farm.  We put the ram in with the ewes to start our breeding season.  We start later than a lot of folks.  That way our lambs are born when it's warmer in late April/early May.   As usual, we start by putting the breeding harness with a marking crayon on the ram.   Then we go through all of the ewes checking their hooves & trimming a few when needed. 
#411 Has Some Hooves That Need To Be Trimmed!
We also spray their ear tag number on their right hip so it's easier to tell from a distance which ewes have been marked by the ram.  After about 2 hours, the ram had "marked" 3 ewes.  By evening he was up to 4 ewes marked & 3 more were marked today.  On some days, none of the ewes will be in a heat cycle and he won't mark any ..... of course that doesn't mean he isn't constantly walking through the group & checking! 
Wild Rose Farm Ram Working!
If you have sheep, you recognize the look and posture of a working ram in the picture above!  You can also see the green crayon marks on two of the ewes.
I'm glad we got this done yesterday while it was in the 50's, even though we had a few moments of a misty drizzle in the air.  We had snow flurries overnight & it was much colder today. 

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