Monday, April 8, 2013

Beavers In Beaver County?

Beaver Lodge Near Wild Rose Farm
A close relative, who shall remain un-named, once said, "there are no beavers in Beaver County!".  Well, we know better around here.  A couple of years ago, there was a roadkilled beaver out in front of our property.  We took it for a beaver heading to new territory ..... and he never quite made it!
Mr. Wild Rose Farm was out hunting the other night and had to pass around these newly discovered beaver dams a couple of properties down stream from our place, so he went and got some pictures.

Beaver Work In Progress
  These dams weren't here 2 years ago, so they've done a bit of work fairly recently.  They're called busy beavers for a reason .........
Bark Stripped Off .....
Also seen walking off was this flock of wild turkeys.  Stay tuned to our next post for more on the local turkey flock ..... really local, you'll see!
Wild Turkeys Leaving The Beaver Dams

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