Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cold Weather Forecast Is Here!

"U" Leading The Wild Rose Farm Ewes!
The weather forecast was for snow & rapidly dropping temperatures this week.  Here we were leading the ewes back to the "Loafing Shed" pasture.  We separated out the Rambouillet ram and now all of the ewes are with the Dorset ram.  We took off his breeding harness, but he'll stay with them until late spring.  It's just easier to not have to feed & water him in the ram pen and sheep are flock animals, after all.  We'll only pull him out if he starts to butt around the ewes. 

Off To The Loafing Shed
Note that although the vast majority of the flock is moving with the shepherd, in the upper left of the picture, a group of dummies have stranded themselves in the background!  OH MY !!!!!!!!  WHERE ARE THEY GOING AND HOW CAN WE GET BACK WITH THEM ????  Well, all you can do is move the 1st group and come back to entice the second group up to the barn and then down the runway like the others.   It was a group of mostly flighty yearlings, of course. :)

Now Glenda Says "Where Are They Going?"
Glenda will stay in the pasture below the barn since she needs access to her sheltered area at the back of the barn.   Anyway, all of this snow disappeared in a couple of warm days, then we got more snow before the temps really dropped .....
Round Bales Delivered Before Temperatures Plunge!
Now we have snow and cold ..... the temperature in the truck on the way to work this morning was at minus 10 F.   Cold weather tonight & tomorrow followed by a warming trend, and then a prediction of 50 on Saturday ..... sheesh. 

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