Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sheep On A Snowy Sunday

WRF Flock Below Loafing Shed - Way Out There!
We picked up about 4 inches of snow and the temperatures are now in the mid-teens at Wild Rose Farm.  There was a lot of wind, so the light snow was blowing in from the north this time.  That's odd for us ..... we've never had snow blow into the upper side of our main barn.  That's the side where you see the ewes in the lambing pens in April/May when you look at our pictures.  Above is our view from the kitchen window of the ewes over at the loafing shed.  It's an hour before feeding time, so they are standing around waiting!

There they are ...... looking through the pines & river birch trees!
After zooming in, you can make out some of the sheep behind the trees.  They're in a sheltered spot and I noticed their "snow coats" when we drove by earlier.  They're so well insulated that they all have a half an inch of snow on their backs.  They can go in the shed where the hay is, but they prefer to bed down outside & chew their cuds ......
The horizontal shape in the background behind them is the "great pyramid".  It's about 12 cords of firewood under a silver tarp.   That's the by-product of the clearing done for the shed & fence line.  
Someone was very busy last year.  There are used railroad ties with slabwood laid over them as a base & the split wood is stacked up off of the ground on top.  The slabwood came from the wild cherry trees that were sawn into boards for the shed siding.  So .... most of the cordwood came from the trees & tops that weren't suitable for 1" cherry siding boards.  

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