Saturday, February 14, 2015

Anybody Out There?

Wild Rose Farm - Whiteout @ 1:39 PM Today!
For all we know, the sheep are trailing down to the water tank, but you couldn't prove it from this picture! The current temperature is 22 degrees F & dropping.  It's looked like this several times today and we've gotten a couple of inches of new snow.
In other news, the applications are flowing in from the vendors for the 2015 Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest.  As the Craft Show Chairman, it's great to see the long time vendors coming back and new vendors sending their pictures in with their application.  A new vendor application came in today - she wrote about her fiber and felted offerings and mentioned that her "fairies have a following"!   It puts a smile on your face on a cold winter day ...   Is the 3rd weekend in May far away now?  ;~)
Wild Rose Farm - Glad to Have Indoor Plumbing!
You can't even see the barn from the porch ...

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