Friday, February 20, 2015

Breaking Ice

Wild Rose Farm - Breaking Ice
I looked out the window in the morning and saw the pup running around in the field ... how did she get down there?   Hmmmm.  She was racing ahead of the Wild Rose Farm ice-breaking crew.  Temps of -6 will do that to you!
Heaving Ice With Pitchfork
The spring water development runs constantly, but it freezes around the edges & the sheep can't reach the open water.  You can see that some algae in the tank is stuck to the bottom of the ice.
Jazzy Playing & Chewing On Ice Chunks! 
Of course, Jazzy takes this as a great adventure, playing and racing around!  The crew looks back to see what the heck she is doing ...
Wild Rose Farm Jazzy On The Move!
It looks like Jazzy is showing her Iditarod racing form as the work continues.  Almost done clearing the water tank now ... and Jazzy banks into the turn on the home stretch!  :)
Clearing The Last Of The Ice

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