Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shuffling Sheep

Oooooh - Tasty Grass!
Things have been a bit slow lately at Wild Rose Farm.  Cold.  Really Cold. Warm. Cold again.  Frost seeding weather.  Now rain.  Tomorrow cold again.  Saturday colder still.  More frost seeding weather.  You get the picture.   We decided to move the sheep out of the barn area and over to the feeding pad near the Loafing Shed.  We'll need to clean out the barn before the shearing coming up shortly.
Off They Go ... Can There Be More Tasty Grass Ahead?
My role in this activity?  Follow behind hazing any stragglers and closing gates as we go.  Hmmm.  Notice anyone missing from the picture?
Who Me?
I went back into the barn paddock ... Snow White demurred and skittered past me into the barn overhang.   Now folks, she's been shown and can be haltered & led along, but I said to heck with it!  We'll get her another time.  Dinner was waiting.   Fast forward to today ...
Snow White Watching Her Friends
Guess who is standing out in the rain gazing into the distance?  Yes, her sheepy friends are all OVER THERE!    Maybe if we walk down a little closer ...?
Looking At Sheep Is SO Interesting ....


Feisty said...

Yes, watching the critters is so much fun. Except for the 10 deer who have been harassing me the last 2 days. Can Snow White come over for a bit and intimidate them? Please?

RMK said...

The deer are looking a bit ragged this time of year. I bet they can't wait for you to plant something that they can plunder!