Sunday, May 10, 2015

And Mother's Day It Was!

Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet Ewe #401 With Triplets
Wow, what a day it was!  Mother's Day started at sunrise with a set of triplets from #401 and a large single lamb from #47.  Look closely in the picture above in the distance.  You can see Mr. WRF and #47 heading to the barn with her lamb.  Also notice that one of the triplets is quite content and resting.
Why We Closely Watch Triplets ...
As I was taking pictures, #401 started ambling off towards the barn herself.  The lamb who had recently nursed and was resting could be left behind as the ewe walked off happily with 2 lambs at her side!  This is why we keep a close eye on triplets and have them penned up much longer than twins or singles.  We might need to supplement with a bottle and keeping them close helps with the observation.
Ewe & Triplets At The Barn
I used a lamb carrier to cradle one of the lambs and lead #401 ... the other two lambs followed at her heels all the way to the barn.   It helps by suspending the lamb right at the nose height of the ewe.
Handy Dandy Plastic Lamb Carrier!
That was just the morning exercise though.  Between 3 PM and 7 PM we had five (5) more ewes give birth!  Two ewes with singles and three ewes with twins.  We didn't get back in the house until 9 PM.
Happy Mother's Day !!!

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