Friday, May 8, 2015

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other!

Wild Rose Farm Dorset #116 & Triplets!
We did have another set of twins late Thursday afternoon and we also noticed that Dorset Ewe #116 was separating herself from the other ewes.   At our 9 PM check, we penned her up alone.   This morning we saw one of the Rambouillet ewes, #406, with a single lamb in the pasture.   Then we saw #116 resting with a nice cleaned off set of triplets!  
We Wait With The Triplets While #116 Grazes ... 
She has 1 ram lamb & 2 ewe lambs - the black lamb is a ewe lamb - check out the eye spots!   I'm already thinking of naming her Patches if we keep her.  Most of our sheep don't get names as you can see from reading this blog.  :~0  
Guess who was hanging around near the pen with these lambs?  It was "U"!  On paper she is due any time now, but she is so slim that you can never tell if she has a single or twins in there.   Maybe she thought this was one of her lambs ...
Tasty Hay & Fresh Straw Bedding In The Barn

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