Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sawmill In The Sheep Pasture!

Portable Sawmill Set-Up In Pasture 
Part of the work here at Wild Rose Farm has been the clearing of overgrown pastures and pushing back tree lines.  Squaring off this field and opening up level areas left us with some logs that could be sawn into boards. These weren't huge trees, but we didn't want to make fire wood out of them either.
Positioning The Log
Jim is very local to us and has a portable sawmill business, so he did about 3 hours of work here earlier this week.  With his experience, he makes it look easy ...
Jim Finishing Up The Log
We had some cherry, locust, sassafras, & the 2 logs from the big spruce that blew down in our yard last fall. I plan to use the locust to frame a raised planting bed & the spruce was cut as wide as possible for a rustic table & box bench seating/storage project.
Loading The Last Log
The final products after the work was finished?  A stack of boards - very heavy because they're still "wet", a pile of sawdust, & the slab wood left over after squaring up the logs.  We have some folks lined up to come over & pick up the slab wood for their outdoor wood burning furnace.
Boards, Slab Wood, & Sawdust Piles

Locust Boards Lower Left & Wide Yellow Spruce Boards Bottom Middle
 The boards have all been moved, "stickered", & stacked under cover to dry until next spring ...

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Carol Pack Urban said...

Wonderful! I wish we had someone we could call to do that for us. We're in western PA about an hour east of Pittsburgh.