Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Quilt Batts & New "Sheep"!

New "Watch Sheep" 44 Finds A Package!
Long story short is that we have been watching & waiting for a Serta Sheep for about 10 years!  In late spring, my Waynesburg S&FF friend Marianne found three - yes three! - sheep for sale.  She bought 2 and told me about it.  Aaccckkkkkk, but I wanted one too!  Believe it or not, she contacted the seller again, drove in to Pittsburgh to pick it up, and even negotiated a volume discount ... :)   So #44 came to a festival meeting and then rode home shotgun with me.   Now we have a "watch sheep" keeping an eye on things, like the new kitten in the house, or the arrival of suspicious packages.
While I was at the wool pool, this package showed up and it was bursting at the seams ... hmmm, what is it?
Wow - Wool Quilt Batts - Feels Soft & Dreamy!
I have been looking for uses for our Dorset wool since we only use fine Rambouillet wool for combed top & yarn.  This is the 2nd time that we've had quilt batts made and they are for full & queen size quilts.  These are the "real deal" & they are much nicer than the small batts we had years ago.  Yea!  Hard to believe there were 6 of them smooshed into the box.   And yes, that is the technical term for processed & shipped woolens - ha!  We took them out and refolded them so that they're nice & fluffy now.
Wild Rose Farm #44 Shows Off Wool Quilt Batts! 
Yes, #44 will just be called #44.   A professor from Penn State once told me a long time ago that "if your sheep has a name, it's too fat".   Of course, we have a couple of fat sheep, but everyone goes by a number & a few have nicknames.  Like little Ewok, Alice Cooper, "U", Patches, Miss Piggy, etc.  Whoops - looks like we have more than a few with names ... ahem.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Hey 44, from 20 :-D You're in for a load of fun!

RMK said...

44 says it will be hard to live up to the pioneering work & travels of 20! :~0