Friday, November 6, 2015

Warm & Breezy November!

Wild Rose Farm Dorset Ewe Prancing In The Breeze!
We had a lovely Indian Summer here this week.  The flock is enjoying their fall grazing and with the temps in the 70's we had a nice breeze to keep them cool. The only color in the woods now comes from the oak and hickory trees.
Here's a fine point of farming, but if you look at the picture below, you can see that the rear section of the pasture is a darker green.  There is a distinct line.  The back section is where we spread composted manure in August.  
Snow White & The Grazing Flock!
We've had a couple of soaking rains since then and you can see the result. That area had been grazed too, it's just much greener.
Close-up Of Compost At Work ... Whoo-hoo! 

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