Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gas & Flushing ...... Huh?

Not a topic that I would normally share on this blog, but we encountered a gas price war in Lisbon, Ohio on Saturday, November 1st. We were on a Wild Rose Farm related chore when we pulled in to take advantage of the lowest gas price we've seen in a LONG time. The competition at the other end of town was at $1.91.
We were in Lisbon to buy shelled corn at the Agland Co-op in preparation for flushing the ewes in the upcoming weeks prior to the breeding season. We feed shelled corn to increase the energy level of the feed that the ewes are receiving. By increasing the nutrition plane of the ewes, you increase the chance of multiple ovulations and therefore increase the number of lambs born per ewe ...... here's a little more detail.

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