Friday, November 14, 2008

Surprise in the Mail!

Look at what arrived in the mail last Saturday!
Katherine, one of the Western Pa Unit - Herb Society of America members who visited Wild Rose Farm on September 21st, sent this hat. What a great surprise! The hat was made with yarn spun from a Rambouillet fleece that she got while visiting. She also did her own natural dyeing experiments to obtain the colors that you see here.

How did she get the colors? Dark brown from black walnuts on unmordanted wool dyed in an iron pot ..... rust from dyers coreopsis (coreopsis tinctoria) mordanted with alum & cream of tartar ...... yellow/green from marigolds on alum mordanted wool. She dyed the fleece first and then spun the yarn to even out the colors. Katherine even sent along the leaves since they so perfectly matched the colors in the hat! I don't know if she's been reading this blog lately, but I'm going to send her some Rambouillet combed top as a thank you.

Here's the hat in a "pastoral" setting with some undyed Rambouillet 2-ply yarn and our Rambouillet ram in the background.
Of course, this reminds me that I have Rambouillet fleeces in the barn that need to be sorted and shipped to make another batch of yarn ...... now, how to find some time!?!

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