Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey, Hey, Hay!

It seems like EVERYONE has hay cut this weekend. We dropped the Wild Rose Farm trailer off tonight and hopefully we'll be picking up some first cutting hay on Monday. There was a window of opportunity for hay around here before Memorial Day, but if you're not a full time farmer, many times you can't get everything done on schedule. What a gorgeous day for mowing hay or just about any other outdoor activity.
Speaking of outdoor activities, look who was out today with the small group of sheep that we've had in the barn ..... yes, it's our natural colored ewe lamb "U". There are 5 lambs in this group including our last lamb born this week. The 4 older lambs were having a great time racing up and down this strip of grass as it got cooler in the afternoon. These are the sustainable lawn mowers at work!

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