Monday, June 29, 2009

It Won't be Long Now .......

The bluebird box now has 2 young ones. I guess nature sorts out the weak ones. We'll see how this story continues. No one has been near the box for several days and the adults weren't there when I quickly got this picture. As I left though, the female made herself known by her angry chattering from the fencepost. She must have been reurning to the nest & popped right back in after the coast was clear .......

We won't go near the nest until the weekend, but I wonder if anything will be left in there? They grow pretty fast.

How about a Wild Rose Farm lamb picture or two? Here's a Dorset x Rambouillet crossbred twin ewe lamb. She and her twin ewe lamb will be for sale once they're weaned. They were born on May 4th. Remember if you're thinking of buying a lamb, or any sheep for that matter, you really can't buy one unless you already have sheep at home. They are flock animals and can be quite terrified if they don't have at least one or two more to hang out with. The exceptions are the bottle lambs, but it's every shepherds desire not to have any of them!
This is a nice close-up of a single Dorset ewe lamb from our #105 ewe. She was born on May 5th. The Dorsets have a chunkier build than the Rambouillets. She just pulled her head out of the trace mineral salt feeder ..... zoom in and you can see the reddish brown mineral on her nose. She will also be for sale after weaning.

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