Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Grass ......

Ever heard of the book called "More Sheep, More Grass, More Money"? The title alone should tell you that it's a classic, right?!? Well, here's a look at more sheep & how we're making more grass ...... The ewes & lambs are grazing the green grass and moving each day to a fresh section. They are kept inbounds by the electric net fencing. In the foreground is a section of the pasture that has been allowed to go to seed. This area is a little thin & we'd like to thicken the stand of grass on this gentle slope.

Here are 2 common types of "cool season" hayfield & pasture grasses ..... the fluffy brownish heads are orchardgrass (aka cocksfoot grass). The greener cat tail like seedhead is timothy. Both are going to seed. When this area is mowed down, the seeds will be knocked to the ground and will be available to germinate in the fall or next spring. We won't run the sheep through this area before mowing. The tall stems with seed heads would be too close to the sheep's eyes and we want to avoid scratching their eyes and risking pinkeye or other problems.

Look at all of the seed that comes out of a few stems!
On another note, this is why you're not supposed to throw hay over the sheep's back when you feed them. Imagine all of those seeds falling out into the wool. That makes for a dirty fleece.

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