Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get Back In There!

Looks like the power went out and the sheep had a little excursion today! Believe me, sheep are always "testing" the electricity in the fence. You can usually count on them to break out if the juice is off for more than a few hours. Anyway, here they are being escorted back to their grazing paddock du jour ...... your blogster was assigned wingman duties to haze the flanks of the phalanx (!) in case anyone straggles, hence the opportunity to get the above pic. And what a great section of grazing & browsing tonight ...... look at the ewes & lambs just munching on this brushy little strip of hillside. It will only be grazed once each year since it's a hillside. Whoops! We thought we were free and now we're back behind the fence. Actually what you're seeing is a group of sheep exploring the boundaries of the area that they were just fenced into ...... part of "testing" the fence and looking for openings even though they have an abundance to eat. Just sheep being sheep ......
And now for a complete change of topic. Just as we were about to go out and gather the wayward sheep, the phone rang ..... Alaska calling! Seems that 3 skeins of Wild Rose Farm sport weight yarn naturally dyed with onion skins were given as a gift to our caller. She was checking to see if, by any chance, we had more of the dye lot left. It turns out that we have one of the original 8 skeins remaining in inventory. Here it is shown with 4 skeins of a similar color also obtained from an onion skin dyebath. Posting a couple of pictures here is one way to get the photos out. Both pictures were taken outside in natural light.

P.S. - It must be a long distance day. I got a $1 bill today with the Where's George? stamp on it. When I logged it in, I found that it originated in Washington state in 2003. This was only the 3rd time that it was tracked since then. Last stop tracked was Cleveland in 2008.

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