Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yearlings & Yarn

I promised to share a picture of yarn made with Wild Rose Farm combed top in my next post and here it is. Tiana hand spun the combed top and then dyed it ...... she brought it out to the PASA Summer Farm Tour last weekend. We love to see what everyone makes with our wool & yarn!

We also got a call last week from Andrew, the breeder of our Rambouillet ram. He was checking up on the lambing season & how our yearlings were coming along. These pictures were taken this evening of our 2 Rambouillet yearlings, #328 & #329. They are out of our aged ewes who are both 11 this year.

In trying to work around them and avoid looking into the sun, they're both running downhill in the picture .... oh well. Also below is WRF ewe #315 with her twin lambs and one of the yearlings behind her.

We'll be weaning the lambs in the next week or so ....

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