Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ewe Lambs

Remember how we said that the Wild Rose Farm lambs aren't tame? Well, here they are doing their best to keep away from the photographer .........
First they pack into one corner head first. Notice who is in the background, always close to the action!
Then they run to the opposite corner to the reassuring presence of their friend.

Finally, their curiosity gets the best of them and they begin to look back somewhat nervously. Yes, there are 5 lambs in the picture ........... count the legs and divide by four! The snow is getting packed down around the hay bales from all of the trails that the ewes have made. We're expecting rain changing to snow tomorrow. Hopefully the rain won't make things too icy. Look closely below & you can see a bluebird box on a post. We saw 3 bluebirds flying around in a group today. They must be the males returning to scope out nesting sites, right? Time to get out and clean out the bird boxes!

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