Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Blizzard - A Retrospective .......

Who said that there was going to be 6 - 8 inches of snow? By the time we got home from work on Friday we had 3 inches. After some flickering and then some on & off, we lost power at 11:45 PM. We ended up with 20+ inches of snow here at Wild Rose Farm.

The Y2K generator was pressed into service Saturday morning .... 55 degrees in the house @ 6:30 am. By 9:30 the driveway next to the house was shoveled off and the objective was far off on the horizon. Looking past the shovel is a telephone pole on the other side of US RT 30 .... aacccckkkkk. Needless to say, the top of the driveway is always plowed in solid by PennDOT. (Who does a fine job on RT 30!) Besides all of the snow removal, the dogs and sheep need to be fed. Not wanting to risk plugging the tractor in the field carrying a round bale, on Saturday we slid some small square bales down to the sheep on a tarp. Slick! Fortunately, we got our electricity back around 4 AM Sunday morning.
Another thing that helps out in the country is a good neighbor. Mike showed up on Sunday afternoon with his CAT after plowing out a few other folks. He took care of the lower driveway and up around the barn, making it look easy! We also took out round bales of hay with the JD while he was around, but had no touble. Then the Ranger was "assisted" to the upper driveway. Finally, the ewes settled down to a fresh round bale of hay. I'm pretty sure that they don't notice the snow!

Now what's that we hear about more snow on Tuesday???

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