Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Snow, More Hay

What is Claire watching today at Wild Rose Farm? Of course there's more snow, but that's nothing new. We got another 5 inches of heavy, wet snow in the last couple of days. Claire is intently watching the delivery of a 2nd round bale of hay to the sheep. The ewes are happily milling around ...... it's a bit of a pain to drive in among them at times. You have to be careful that a sheep doesn't end up behind or under the bale as it is being placed in the feeder!

Notice that the back end of the bale looks quite uneven ...... Claire has been leaning over the fence behind the barn and munching away at the bales she can reach. Don't worry about her starving to death! Now why does one Dorset ewe stand alone out there after the tractor leaves? Baaaaaa!

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