Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sun Sets on PASA Tour ....

Despite the HOT weather, we had a great day at the PASA Summer Farm Tour today at Wild Rose Farm.  We started the day with 4 sheep in the barn.  Separate from the farm tour, Ashley came to pick up her registered Rambouillet lambs.  The timing was good since we had to be here all day, anyway.  A ram lamb & a ewe lamb have found a great new home.  
That left WRF #802 and her lamb in the barn for everyone to see.  Seems that they already have a bit of a following from their recent blog postings.  Just about eveyone who came then went down into the pasture field to see the rest of the ewes and lambs hanging out in the shade.  One of our visitors had to come and see "U" to assure themselves that she really existed somewhere besides cyberspace!  They feel like they've been watching her grow up ..........  ;~) 
Boy, did Claire get her share of attention too.  We had a small group watching as we wiped fly repellent on her face & legs.  Livestock like days like today when there is a strong breeze.  They face into the wind and it helps keep the flys off of their face.  Claire was in her glory, gently taking animal crackers off of anyone who wanted to give her a treat. 
We did some indigo natural dyeing and showed a fleece being skirted on a table in the barn.  Once the yarn is washed and rinsed, we'll show you the pictures of the blue & teal colors that we made today. 
We had lots of questions about sheep, wool, & the possibility of buying a freezer lamb.  Keep in mind that our freezer lambs are ready in November/December.
Finally, at the end of the day, #802 and her lamb headed back down into the pasture to join the rest of the flock at feeding time ..........
Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at Wild Rose Farm!

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