Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PA Ram Sale This Saturday!

If you're in the market for a new ram or Boer buck, Wild Rose Farm heartily recommends the PDA 2010 Performance Tested Ram Lamb & Meat Goat Buck Sale  scheduled for Saturday August 7th in the State College area!  If you remember, from our point of view, we had a great success bidding & bringing home a registered Rambouillet ram last August.   And now here's the latest on him ....... we just got the results from Yocum-McColl Testing Labs on his micron test from our spring shearing.   His fleece tested at 19.8 microns (!) with a standard deviation of 3.2 microns and .7% of the fibers greater than 30 microns.  The fibers greater than 30 microns are where what is referred to as the "itch factor" comes into play.  In other words, if your wool fibers are higher than 30 microns, the wool feels itchy next to the skin.  These are excellent test results for what we are trying to achieve in breeding fineness of wool and longer staple length for our fleeces.  He was Lot #162 in the 2009 sale catalog. 
In particular, if you are looking for rams to sire meaty lambs for your farm or to add scrapie resistance, this is the place to get a ram.  Check out the 2010 Sale Catalog  for complete test results on the rams to be auctioned off on Saturday.  IMHO, this is the way for beginners & experienced shepherds alike to buy a ram with known performance & genetics..... NOT through your local sale barn!  :) 
Based on the numbers, WRF has a prediciton on the high selling ram on Saturday ........ hmmmm.  See if you can find him.  Clue ..... he is white-faced.  

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