Friday, May 4, 2012

The Lambs Are Coming!

In Order - Twins, Twins, Triplets, Twins, Twins!
Here's another look at the lambing pens now.  After returning home from more business out of town, a bunch of lambs awaited me!  Lambing really does take off once it gets started.  We numbered the lambs with scourable spray paint tonight & released 4 pens to let them "mix" together.  Lambs walking up to the wrong ewe get butted away.  They quickly learn to stay with their own mother!
Wild Rose Farm #34 With Triplets!
The triplets from #34 are small but completely uniform in size right now.  They all seem to be nursing fine, but we'll kep them penned up for a while to make sure that they're securely bonded together with each other.  It's vey easy for a lamb to go downhill if it doesn't get enough to eat.
Triplet Resting
Nothing new at the 10:30PM pasture check .........

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