Monday, May 28, 2012

Lambs, Yarn, & Kids!

Holding The Lamb!
Before the Saturday afternoon hay hauling started, we had 2 groups of visitors at Wild Rose Farm.  There's nothing like watching kids being attracted to the lambs.  Of course, only a bottle fed lamb will come anywhere near the kids!  We have 2 lambs that are being supplemented and only one will come right up for the bottle.  This little girl had a great time feeding the lamb and then posed for a picture "holding" the lamb ...... thanks to Dad for helping!
WRF Yarn Color Detail - Indigo & Indigo Overdye
Marge Modeling With WRF Wool Suppliers Resting In The Background!
One of our knitting friends brought over a bunch of friends AND a shrug that she made from our naturally-dyed yarn.  The lower portion is overdyed with indigo & varigated, while the section that shows up as more blue is actually striped blue & green if you look closely.  We really love to see how creatively our yarn is used! 
In the middle of these 2 visits, we had a couple stop in to ask about purchasing freezer lambs and possibly getting some ewe lambs to add to their small flock for breeding.  We like to be able to sell our ewe lambs to good farm homes.  They make very good brood ewes with nice fine fleeces.
Thanks to everyone who visited and made our Memorial Day weekend so much fun despite the heat!

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Becky said...

Shrug...had to look up that one. Blue and favorite color pair!