Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rain Doesn't Stop The Lambing!

Afternoon Feeding
Our last check Saturday night ended with Wild Rose Farm Dorset #109 having a set of twins - one of each.  A field check this morning found Rambouillet ewe #329 getting ready to lamb.  By 9:30AM, she had a single ram lamb in the pasture & it was just starting to sprinkle.  We got them up to the barn easily and the rain was light, but finally got a little harder in the late afternoon.  The 6:30 pasture check found 1st timer WRF Rambouillet #408 with a lamb about as far away as she could get from the barn.  Another good mother & she followed us carrying her lamb up to the barn. 
Group Of Barn Lambs - Triplet 01E Looks Good!
Just completed another pasture check in a gentle rain .... at least it's around 55 degrees outside & nothing is happening!


Becky said...

How cute those lambs are! Why do some look golden and others pure white? Please report a total at the end of lambing.

RMK said...

Here's an explanation for the golden or yellow lambs from another source --- "nothing to worry about. its just the meconium (pre natal fecal material) that is passed prior to and during lambing. It is sometimes associated with a more difficult birth (I suppose more meconium is passed), but not always" --- we've found this to usually be the 2nd lamb, although we don't see most of our lambs actually being born and we (knock on wood) only assist a lambing once every 2 or 3 years.