Sunday, October 14, 2012

Color At Wild Rose Farm!

Wild Rose Farm - Ewes Near Barn Stone Pile
We had some beautiful fall weather today here at Wild Rose Farm.  It was warmer than yesterday when we took a fall leaf peeping drive north to Forest County, PA.  We saw some great color up there mixed in with the green pines & hemlocks along the Allegheny River. 
Wild Rose Farm "U" & Ewes!
But of course, we have some beautiful maple trees right here on the farm ......
It was a little overcast this afternoon & no sooner did we take these pictures & get up to the barn, a light drizzle started.  We still need the rain around here.  We saw a couple of farmers on our drive yesterday who were taking off some hay and wrapping it.
Wild Rose Farm Ewes Watching The Coonhound! 
Here's an attentive line-up of ewes watching one of the coonhounds getting a lesson in the field.  Usually this level of intensity is reserved for someone coming with a bucket of feed!  :)

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