Friday, October 19, 2012

Nice Weather ......

Wild Rose Farm Lisa Watching The Sheep
We've had rain and wind during the week, so some of the leaves have been falling.  It seems that the weeping willow tree holds the green color late into the season.  We planted that tree near a stream.  Every farm needs a weeping willow & the sheep keep the bottom trimmed ..... just make sure it's not near water or septic lines!  Lisa the llama is a pretty nice white color now that she's been trimmed and I guess she'll start to even out as she grows back in.  I'm getting ready to wash some of her locks & some wool in the next week or so. 
Wild Rose Farm Lambs & Sire WRF #402 Rambouillet Ram
We were walking around the back of the barn ....... of course, the lambs had to come out & see what was going on!  That's the Rambouillet ram in the ram pen behind them.

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