Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wild Rose Farm New Neighbors!

Wild Rose Farm - New Goat Neighbors!
I was out checking the bred ewes to see if anyone had lambed - or - looked ready to lamb.  What appeared in one of the yards above the fenceline?  These 2 goats were wandering towards the action.  I'd heard them before and could see their home, the "Goat Mahal", but they've never been down in the lower part of their property. 
Goats - Curiouser & Curiouser!
We'll have to get a picture of the Goat Mahal for everyone to see - quite the nice structure up on the hill near the house.  It has a red metal roof and can be seen all the way from US Route 30!
Hello!  I Guess The 10 Strand Fence Is Turned Off Right Now ....
No action with these sheep at the moment, so after chatting with the goats, we headed back up to the barn ........
Wild Rose Farm - No Lambs From These Ewes Yet!

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