Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Leap'in Lambies!

Wild Rose Farm - Lambs Leaping!
If you've been following farm blogs lately, you've seen the lambs jumping & twisting.  Not to be outdone, the Wild Rose Farm lambs in the "mixing pen" got in the spirit and started running in a pack tonight.  It's always good for a laugh & just as soon as they get started, they'll abruptly stop and rest.
Wild Rose Farm Ewe #37 - Just Checking!  
On the barn check tonight, we got this picture of WRF #37 checking to make sure that the lamb on the right is one of her twins.  She already checked "37 dot" and then she swings over to sniff the ram lamb.  When lambs come in to nurse, the ewes always give a sniff to make sure it's their own lamb trying to nurse. If not, she kicks it off and walks away .......
WRF x-bred ewe #34 had a set of twins this afternoon - last year she had triplets and she's in really good shape. 


Jacki said...

I love lambs! Love those goat pictures too.

RMK said...

I always get a kick out of the lambs when they start to jump & run. How do they know? It's the same thing every year.