Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Few More Bales Of Hay!

Neighbor Leon Square Baling
You really couldn't have picked a better day to make some hay.  We got some square bales of 2nd cut grass from our neighbor .... the wooded back ends of properties butt up against each other.  We got 2 trailer loads and picked the bales up out of the field.  The next day we picked up another 20 bales of alfalfa.  We don't really "need" alfalfa, but we like to keep a few bales around in case we need to tempt an animal to eat.   After a lifetime of farming, you see a new tractor & baler .... what a difference that makes for being able to make the rounds without constantly tweaking & tinkering to keep things going. 
A Pause In The Action While Raking ......
This field was an overgrown brushy tangle 2 years ago ....... lots of work went into cleaning it up and re-seeding. 

Loading The Trailer!
And then the short drive back to Wild Rose Farm to unload & stack the bales.   Always a great feeling to have your hay in the barn!

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