Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Wild Rose Farm "Outbuilding"!

Wild Rose Farm "Outhouse" - Before
Yes, I've always wanted an outhouse for a toolshed ...... If you look around, you'll still spot them in backyards and around the countryside.  There's even a "brick *#%*house" in one of local towns that I spotted once when we were detoured because of a parade.  I found this Real Outhouses web-site & there is a whole sub-culture of devotees.  Who knew?
Mr. WRF built this one with a solid floor, so it's not a working model, and it's portable if you have a skid steer loader to move it ....... it weighs a ton!

Wild Rose Farm "Outhouse" - After
The window is an antique leaded glass transom window that's been collecting dust for 15 years, just waiting for the right remodeling project.   In a stroke of inspiration, it's finally found a home!  Next will be a coat of linseed oil for the natural colored wood .......
Finally, a place to grow hollyhocks in a historically accurate setting!   Any other landscaping ideas?