Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wild Rose Farm #401 Follow-up .......

Wild Rose Farm #401- Happily Grazing!
The light was getting a little low, but I finally got a unobstructed picture of WRF Rambouillet #401.  Here she is after recovering from "something" this summer.   See how shaggy she is?  That's the "wool break" that comes when sheep are sick or stressed.  In this case, we'll get all of this wool off of her and she'll be fine.  A closer inspection shows that her hooves are also regrowing out stronger.  Sort of like when you smash a fingernail and the new nail is pushing out from the bottom of the nail bed.  We hadn't noticed that until last week.  Although she was sick, she never "went down", which is when you pretty much lose them and they give up.   Just thought of this ...... I'll have to look at her horns and see if there is any sign of her sickness there .... hmmm.
WRF Lisa With Her Sheep!
Here's the sun going down on a cool end of summer evening for Wild Rose Farm Llama Lisa & her sheep ....

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