Monday, June 9, 2014

Off To Greener Pastures!

All of the Wild Rose Farm ewes & lambs are now in one group and they're pastured over by the Loafing Shed.  The ewes wintered over there, but were pulled off this section once grazing started in mid-April prior to the lambing season.  
They're Off --- Out Of The Barn & Down Along The Driveway !
Here's a better perspective on the flock as they string out along the way.  Click on the photo to enlarge.  We're following ... the lead ewes know where to go.  They're walking right through this mowed paddock headed straight for the good stuff!
Hey Lamb ... Always One Who Doesn't Get With The Program!
Now here's the good stuff!
Wild Rose Farm #135 Ewe Lamb & Ewe Grazing
Once they all got over to the new pasture, Snow White was seeing all kinds of things that she had never seen before!  She kept popping her head up from grazing to stare at the "Log Mahal", aka the Great Pyramid of cordword with a big silver tarp. 
Snow White Grazing ...
Or was it the white electric fence tape flickering in the breeze???  Or the black feed troughs stacked up on the feeding pad ???
Staring Intently, Tail Up ... Now WHAT IS That Stuff ???
When she turned around and looked in the other direction, there was even more to explore!
Hmmm ... What's Going On In There ???
She was finally satisfied when she followed her little lamby charges into the Loafing Shed and took a bite out of the left over round bale of hay ...
Snow White - Enough Of This Loafing Shed - Time To Get Back To Grazing!
By the time I finished looking around & taking pictures, Snow White had found her way back around to the front of the building and was having a nice llama roll in the dust ... ahhhh, finally some dirt!

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