Friday, June 6, 2014

Out There ...

Snow White Out There With Ewes & Lambs
Llama Snow White is now "out there" grazing with the 1st group of ewes & lambs.  I'm pretty sure that she's never had this much "room to roam".  She came up towards the water tank with the first wave of sheep and now she's leading the way back down to where they are grazing.  I haven't seen her drink from the water tank yet, but there's also a tub next to the tank that we fill for the lambs.  You can see some of the lambs gathered around the silver tub getting a drink & you also see that some of them can reach the water tank too. 
Sheep (and llamas) bed on high ground if they can, so by dusk, they'll all be back up near the water tank bedded down for the night.

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