Saturday, June 14, 2014

What's So Interesting?

We were taking several rolls of electric net fencing over to where the sheep are grazing, so we took the truck.  After "shifting" the sheep to their new grazing cell, we set up the net fence for the next 2 days of grazing.  Then we headed back to jump in the truck & leave.  All of the sudden, one of the ewes spotted the truck parked outside of the gate. 
Whoa ...  This deserves to be investigated!  Then the llama spotted the ewe and started to look intently at the ewe and what she was staring at ...
Snow White Watching The Sheep Watching The Truck ...
The llama and several sheep make their way over to check out the truck.
Wow - Isn't This Interesting ?!?
Then, where one sheep goes, all sheep must go.  And in a hurry!  Baaaa, baaaa, baaaa!
The Flock Rushes Over - No One Can Be Left Behind!
Minutes after hastening to "whatever", the flock is bored and starts to turn back to the business at hand ... grazing.
Nevermind ... Nothing To See Here ...
As quickly as it started, it's over.  Everyone leaves the scene. 
Snow White - Yep, It's A Truck ...
Snow White heads back to join her less than brilliant companions ... and the beat goes on.
Calm Returns To Wild Rose Farm ...  :)

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