Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Any Leftovers?

Ewes Cleaning Up Leftover Corn
We dumped a little leftover shelled corn into the feeder and the ewes closest to the feeder gobbled it right up.   It was a "you snooze, you lose" kind of moment.   We had called the sheep over just to get a routine look at them ...
When we went back to pick up the bucket, this little gal walked over calmly as if to say, "any chance that there's a little bit in there for me?".
Dorset Ewe Lamb - Any Leftovers In There For Me?
We put 3 ewe lambs that we are retaining out with the ewes.  That way they aren't mixed in with the lambs that are for sale.  We'll move them back to the barn just before breeding season once our lamb numbers are down.  They're fine getting their share when we actually feed - we use 3 feeders, so everyone can get in with room to spare. 

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