Monday, September 15, 2014

Routine Upkeep

Snow White Is Suspicious!
We had gathered the flock up at the back of the Loafing Shed in preparation to give Snow White and one of the ewes a deworming.   Though she is tame, has been shown, and can be led around in a halter, Snow White won't be caught in the "open".  And naturally, she will be the last one into the barn or pen.  You can see that she is casting a wary eye on me as I hold them up near the building waiting for the feed to entice them.
Oh Look - Here Comes A Bucket Of Grain!
 Once the flock spotted the grain bucket, they followed it into the shed.  Guess who put aside the camera, ran up, and closed the gate behind?  :)
Llama haltered.   Llama dewormed.   Mission accomplished.   As you were ...
Whew - Glad That's Over!

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