Saturday, September 6, 2014

What Are They Looking At?

Wild Rose Farm Glenda Sneaking Up On The Water Bottle
It seems that everyone was looking at something this afternoon at Wild Rose Farm.  First I caught Glenda making a move toward the water bottle ... hmmm, what is that?
When I went into the barn, the lambs were staring & watching our 2 new kittens.
Kittens Scampering Near Lamb Pen
This ram lamb was just fascinated by the kittens scuffling in the hay.
Ram Lamb Watching Kittens Play
Finally, one of the kittens noticed the lamb overhead watching them.
Kitten Watching The Lamb!
So here they are, the two kittens, Smokey & Diamond.  This summer we lost Morris our adopted stray longhaired orange cat (sick?) and Stripe finally passed away quietly of old age.   Now Kitty & Mountain Lion - the orange & white siblings - have 2 new little friends.  Someday.  The little guys are still scared and hissing right now!  :~0
Wild Rose Farm Smokey
Wild Rose Farm Diamond