Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baaaaack & Forth At Wild Rose Farm

The Flock Grazing On A Fall Afternoon
The temperatures have dropped since the weekend and we're going back & forth between sunshine & rain.  It had been dry, so we could use the rain.  
The sheep have been going back & forth too.  No rhyme or reason.  One goes and the others hurry to follow ...
Llama Snow White - "Now Where Are Those Sheep Going?"
I was taking pictures when the flock reversed course and headed back to the pine trees.  Did someone find the dropped apples along the fence line?  Who knows?!?  They moved fast enough to leave Snow White wondering what the heck happened to her grazing buddies.
Just as fast as they left, in minutes they came hustling back towards the camera.  Go figure.  Sometimes you just have to be there to witness the silly activity ...
Wild Rose Farm Ewes Rushing Back To Graze


thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful, beautiful! And love your "if it's white and doesn't move it's getting painted" :-D.

RMK said...

Less than 2" left in the paint bucket. I've got the Dog Mahal in my sights now if it doesn't rain tomorrow ... :)