Friday, October 10, 2014

Change Of Scenery At Wild Rose Farm

Foggy Morning Grazing
The picture taken this morning in the heavy October fog is virtually the same scene as in the previous post taken at sunset ... what a change of scenery!  We were supposed to get rain today - which never happened - and the fog got heavier before it finally burned off late morning.
Morning Chores Done ...
I had already freshened up the "X" on the barn doors & had planned to do some more painting today, but it was too wet & cool to get that done.  The theme this week has been "if it's white and doesn't move, it's getting a coat of paint"!  
Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet #401 & Crossbred #34 Grazing
We'll just have to wait for another string of sunny days to continue the painting projects ...

Ewes Watching The Shepherd

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Feisty said...

I absolutely love foggy mornings! Something about the quiet and hidden-ness appeals to me.