Friday, April 24, 2015

1st Lamb At Wild Rose Farm!

Wild Rose Farm #419 & Ewe Lamb
We found our first lamb of the season at the 7AM pasture check.  Rambouillet Ewe #419 was in the Loafing Shed with a single ewe lamb.  The lamb was cleaned off, dry, & had a full belly, so it had been born a couple of hours earlier.  Here she is taking a rest while coming over to the barn.  We carry the lamb & the ewe just followed right along.
Ewe Enjoys Some Grain!
Once they were penned up, the ewe munched on some feed and we dipped the lamb's navel in iodine & gave it a couple of squirts of a baby lamb oral supplement - a booster with energy from fat & a mixture of vitamins.  It has a nice sweet molasses smell.  Later in the day we milked out one side of the ewe's udder and got 8 ounces of colostrum.  Single lambs start nursing on one side, so it's a good time to get in and get some colostrum (the first milk with all of the antibodies) to freeze in case it's needed for an orphaned lamb ...

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